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The Wars of the End Times, Part 1

The Wars of the End Times, Part 1

Is the Battle of Armageddon the only end time battle? Find out withDr David Reagan on tv’s “Christ in Prophecy.”.
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RON COLSON - posted on August 28, 2013 12:19 pm

Same here i live in Wisconsin we have been over 94 degrees with 85% humidety for 7 days now and another 9 to 10 days left to come i live way to far north for that kinda heat.Praise are savior Jesus Christ and his soon return and God Bless your ministery

TheSharonmcr - posted on August 28, 2013 4:42 pm

I love and appreciate you so much Brother David and I have for many years….:)

Tom Lawyer - posted on August 28, 2013 11:31 pm

The war of Armageddon is a misnomer, it is an area where the AC's forces gather.

Tom Lawyer - posted on August 28, 2013 11:32 pm

Jesus will fight in Edom and Bozrah and then Jerusalem.

MichaelMMiddleton098 - posted on August 30, 2013 10:44 pm

You could picture most of this as not really nine separate wars, but different campaigns or battles of the same period or age of war.

James Boyd - posted on September 3, 2013 12:08 am

but the first part 3.5yrs will be a time of false peace followed by the breaking of the peace agreement then all hell breaks loose upon the earth….

James Boyd - posted on September 3, 2013 12:16 am

i mean how can there be war happening during the 3.5yrs of albeit false peace ,will Israel not feel secure then and purhaps pull down the walls leaveing the scenario where Russia and confederates say to themselves come let us go down into Israel and take us a spoil but then when they reach the mountains of Israel God pours down His wrath upon them …

Christ In Prophecy - posted on September 4, 2013 2:49 pm

@james boyd, Israel will enjoy peace with the Antichrist for 3.5 years, but that doesn't free the world up from the Antichrist's wars and God's Seal and Trumpet Judgments.

Tom Ferrier - posted on September 10, 2013 9:09 pm

Gog Magog war is not talking about Israel . It is talking about America . Called the
( mountains of Israel , or strength of Israel )

Jonathan Fisher - posted on September 21, 2013 12:52 pm

that's not true, google just the opposite of what your saying, and you'll discover that recently Israel has discovered major deposits of both, not to mention the assets they'll control or take over from their victory prior to Ezekial 38 in the Psalm 83 defeat of those nations , in fact they'll be a major superpower by the time the Great Tribulation is underway

Dave Wangchung - posted on September 28, 2013 2:09 am

Jesus says in matt 24 that he will return and gather all ,, after. the great tribulation,,soo clear n plain why does the world ignore him and say he will come for us before?

Christ In Prophecy - posted on October 2, 2013 10:58 am

@dave_wangchung, because Jesus' talk in Matthew 24 of the Second Coming at the end of the Tribulation preceeds his discussion of the Rapture, confusion has occurred with many who do not see a differentiation in the timing and so attribute incorrectly the taking of the people as a Post-Tribulational event. There will be a gather of people for judgment, called the Sheep-Goat Judgment, at the end of the Tribulation, but Jesus addresses that in chapter 25. Not to be confused with the Rapture before.

Joe Eigo - posted on October 6, 2013 10:46 pm

Most humans in the matrix are like sheep waiting to get slaughtered. The evolved sheep become rams like Moses did in the age of Aries. Its how spiritual warriorship developed through a shift in consciousness.

John leroy - posted on November 21, 2013 3:16 pm

We are on the cusp of great upheaval, not only in America, but also throughout the world. These are the days of which the prophets spoke, the days of which Christ warned, the time of distress, of sifting and of separation.
The wise man prepares, while the fool hearty is caught unaware. We must prepare, and do so with diligence. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. REPENT of your sins and seek Him now while you still can. There is no refuge but in God.

TWF2020 - posted on December 20, 2013 9:05 am

Therefore, thus says The Lord to the gods of the earth: Your time has come! Come out and meet The God of Israel! Yes, The God of The Old Testament is risen up, and shall pour out His anger, destroying all who oppose Him! For you peoples of the earth have not seen Me, nor do you know Me, nor have you considered your doings, nor have you bowed the knee before The King who reigns and has come… Yes, He who gave of His life to save you…

said sala - posted on February 24, 2014 1:48 pm

''You have been to Israel'' ?. You know that's palestine. What can I say, a day will come  and you will pay for your assistance to murders land stealers.

Marie Joy - posted on April 7, 2014 5:04 pm

Turkey and Russia are not allies.

mark wright - posted on June 13, 2014 11:30 am

I still do not understand how learned preachers think that the rapture can happen at ANY MOMENT….
That is not what Matt 24 shows, it is not what Thess teaches, it is not what is not what is show in Rev….

marios manesis - posted on June 25, 2014 3:42 pm

great info thanks

raymond lindroth - posted on July 23, 2014 3:15 am

There will be no rapture of any kind any time.

Matt. 5: 5.  Rev. 5: 10.  Rev. 20: 4.

Bless you.

5winder - posted on August 31, 2014 6:53 pm

I'm not worried about wars… the Lord said not to. Bring it on, Satan! Maranatha, Jesus!

Karen Morland - posted on December 17, 2014 4:58 am

Amazing that at the time of making this video, David said we were on the verge of this first war, and here we are a year later, and already Gaza is attacking Israel, Syria, ISIS, moving forward, and Egypt, the USA are pulling away. Israel is surrounded by war, prophesy unfolding as we speak!!!

BREGGREN Papadoo - posted on February 10, 2015 12:27 am

Dr David Reagan- I Dig Him, Good Bible Preacher!

ann smith - posted on April 12, 2016 1:18 am

To make a long story short, it was the year 2005; I died on the surgery table in recovery, after a gall bladder removal .woke up 4 days later in ICU

But when I died I was directly before the Lord,

I was instantly in a realm where there was so much love, peace, tranquility, that surprised anything on earth , or anywhere for that fact I am sure,

The LORD, I knew was on my left, I could not see him, but I knew he was there, I was looking at a huge outer wall with gates way bigger than any I had ever seen surrounding the inner city, I knew it was heaven, how I knew? I cannot tell you other then Gods truth and being in his presence makes it known,

There was people lining up in military form on the left, angelic looking, but still people, they had double breasted white uniforms on, all of white glorified hair and so majestic looking, in control, in charge.

God said to me (telepathically,) 'Go back and get your life right, get your family’s life right.’ For I am coming soon.'

I was condemning myself, the whole time

I knew I hadn’t done enough for the Lord, for His Presence made me convict myself, not Him, but the honestly and purity of the Presence there.

'After showing me Satan’s angels on the right, it looked like congress, not in order and falling and lying down,

God said, 'There’s not going to be a war like everyone thinks.'

I have no idea what this means,

He also said, “Stop worrying about the little things.' “, then making me understand , things like bills , bad feelings you have toward someone , He told me to forgive and love,

He said.’ Spread compassion among the people, there is not enough, and read my word every day.’

I remember I was begging him, please I love life and want to live it for you more, and help my family.

He said” Now go back and tell others“, He made it seem so easy, every since I woke up on that day from ICU, I MADE A PROMISE and started church again with my family.

The bible has become my software of the knowledge I need to fix things threw God's help.

He then told me and led me to believe I need to get out of debt as soon as possible

God is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, then he healed my marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!, then he has worked on each one of my children, one by one, because I have taken the stand, love, (don’t fight), God says so, its not what God wants, I cleaned my house up and got rid of porn and damaging things that hurt the Christian mind, YOU NEED TO FIX IT NOW!!! , but most of all I tithe every week and if I miss a week I tithe more , and I tithe 10 percent of what ever money comes in , I read, and pray , God has answered all my prayers ,IF I can't tithe, I offer my painting talent , after all my time is of value for others, why not GOD .

I do believe the time is so close,

Listen FOLKS, If God can part the Red Sea, take Noah out of the flood ,and take Lot of Sodom and Gomorrah, before he destroyed it all, He can do this for little old you !!!!

God can do all things for you, I don’t care what you think you have done or even if you think its too much, its a lie by satan,, you will not know how, but he will send blessing, just get on your knees, tell God you messed up, and show you the way, and then live it, I wish God could show everyone what he showed me, so you would have no doubt what it is we are headed for,

John 3:16 in the bible, start there and give your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body to Jesus Christ, tell him you are sorry for your sins and watch God move in your life, oh if you fast ,answers come sooner, you say what is fasting, fasting is not eating and when you feel hunger you read the word, this will move gods presence in your life faster, you can drink water and eat beans, pimentos beans while fasting, go to church , read the bible, find a local church and attend we need each other!!!!

Think about this long and hard what do you have to loose, only your soul if you don’t


I LOVE YOU ALL. to let you Know this was proven to be God to me, I told him people are not listen in 2010 ,in sept , he told me there was goign to be a huge earthquake fire gas explosion this is world wide the earth is going to crack many will die , i told people on face book i still tell people, people did nto beleive me i said Lord thier not listening , He said i will send a earthquake in deco 2010 , now i am not one to trow dates out because Gods timing is not ours but he said to say it I felt weak in this i didn't want to finally He said DO IT ! I said okay Lord so i did , dec 2010 came i thought oh no i go tit wrong , The Lord punished me because i doubted , we had a earth shake dec 30th 2010 indiana , belaie me people this was God beleive what God says and then backs it with proof , Yest the prophecy Our God is LOVING gOD A jUSTICE gOD BUT HE HATE SIN , jESUS IS OUR ATTORNEY HE KNOW MEN, WOMEN , hE IS OUR SAVIOUR hOLD TO THE FAITH DO NOT FEAR, FEAR THOSE WHO WILL STEAL YOUR SOUL, WHEN THE RAPTURE HAPPENS, I DON'T THINK OUR BODIES ARE GOING TO HEAVEN FOR THERE IS NT WASTE IN HEAVEN , NO I BELIEVE OUR DEAD BODIES WILL BE HERE LAYING TO WASTE AS THE REVELATIONS BEGINS GOD WILL TAKE US OUT JUST BE READY LOVE LOVE LOVE DON'T HATE , STICK TO GODS COMMANDING PRINCIPLES AND COMMANDMENTS PLEASE SPREAD THIS ,Stay on task stick to yoru christian lives ,try to reach those that have never heard the word of God ,pray pray pray

The_Truth - posted on December 27, 2016 6:39 am

It’s time to repent and turn to Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Matthew 24:6

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:11-12

Mark Douglas - posted on April 19, 2017 12:23 pm

Please give me one reason why I should believe the christian godmonster death threat story instead of, say the muslim godmonster death threat story, or any other godmonster death threat story for that matter.

arseman arse - posted on September 24, 2017 2:07 am

Last night while examining my Inner Comrade and thinking on this, I believe I may have been spoken to by the Progressive Holy Trinity. (Marx (father), Lenin (son) and the Communist Party (holy ghost))
The old Bible is nothing but empty space – so much trees and paper wasted on something that can fit into a much smaller, yet much more informative and to-the-point instruction pamphlet. 
If all those uncounted pages say the same things as the Builder of Communism's Moral Code Pamphlet, they are redundant. And if they contradict the Builder of Communism's Moral Code Pamphlet, they are harmful and must be destroyed. Either way, the memory of them must be erased from the Collective Consciousness with the help of historical revisionism in the academia, news media, and the Party's branches in the entertainment sector.

fragrantlily X - posted on November 16, 2017 3:40 am

How to end wars

warfare girl - posted on April 24, 2018 7:59 am

the battle is actually in our minds, he speaks in metaphors

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