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Silencing The Shepherds

Silencing The Shepherds

Blindness of the clergy has actually permitted the silencing of theShepherds Unless individuals join as well as stand versus the ominous Equality Act that is planned to bastardize the country there will certainly be no future forTruth Join us as Reverend Ted Pike reveals the threats of the EqualityAct Views are of visitor might not constantly be the sights of Israeli NewsLive TedPike
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Robert Williamson - posted on May 26, 2019 5:47 am

Sodomy laws come straight from the zionist movement. May we stand strong
Fear God and not man.

Gary Wilson - posted on May 26, 2019 6:09 am

A 8.0 just hit Peru earth quakes

jentje Bierman - posted on May 26, 2019 6:21 am

Talmud .I think a knife is on someone's throat. I have no words about this confused world. LOT IS BACK. I Rat her stay home and serve Abba .Then go to a Christian Church . This is part off the depoputation plans . I haten Nobody ,but this trans is acused by hormonen

janis moller - posted on May 26, 2019 7:18 am

The president of South Aftica pres Ramaphosa is also promising equality..this I believe will carry the same meaning.

Arlene Harshbarger - posted on May 26, 2019 7:40 am

Eye opening presentation! Frightening!

Jerilyn Jonez - posted on May 26, 2019 8:21 am

Lord help us everywhere..true believers of Jesus Christ need to rise up & stay stood up for the biblical righteous living ????????don't make Trump ur God people or anything anyone on Earth, but only Jesus is the Way the Truth the Life no man, no man comes to the Father only through his son Jesus Christ ???? ???? ???????? ???? ???? stay close to Jesus Christ people.

Jerilyn Jonez - posted on May 26, 2019 8:26 am

If people do not Repent they will be eternally lost w/out Jesus. Jesus is out hope for eternity…????????????

georgie porgie wozere - posted on May 26, 2019 10:29 am

Thank you for sharing. I am a Christian and I've never heard all this before. It makes sense.

farmer2022 - posted on May 26, 2019 11:20 am

thank you for the info

Donna R - posted on May 26, 2019 11:23 am

I voted for Trump…but now realize this man is one of THEM…I guarantee he will sign this bill…he's already selling LGBTQ for Tump shirts on his website…plus, I'm speaking out aboug this on Twitter and let me tell u….most Trump supporters REFUSE to see that we've been had…I'm getting attacked daily by people that claim to be Christian…one person told me I didn't have the right to breathe…this has gotten very real folks…God bless all of you!!!

Walter Foster - posted on May 26, 2019 11:32 am

A man is not much of a man if he stands by, and lets a man enter a women's restroom when a woman or girl is in their. It won't happen if I'm there. I will go to jail. But if i go to jail, the guy will think twice before he tries it again. This is not right.

Konstantin Erzyaykin - posted on May 26, 2019 11:55 am

I am in agreement that Israel is The Babylon the Great in present day. Where there is a dead body, valtures will gather…

Konstantin Erzyaykin - posted on May 26, 2019 12:01 pm

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and it seems like that the world has lost all the fear of the Lord. But be hold he is coming soon! Very soon!

Kitty Webb - posted on May 26, 2019 12:19 pm

only God can know your mind Satan can't tell what you think Our Father does thou and Jesus Christ. Good these days are bad and Bad is Good. end times

Kitty Webb - posted on May 26, 2019 12:27 pm

Zionist Vipers

Travis Cypert - posted on May 26, 2019 2:03 pm

Wow that's not good

Travis Cypert - posted on May 26, 2019 2:05 pm

Well then that wouldn't stop somebody to say and act like they're gay just to go into those showers that's horrible

Travis Cypert - posted on May 26, 2019 2:08 pm

Wow God bless you Steve and all

Scott Hansen - posted on May 26, 2019 3:02 pm

Joh 5:43  I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.

It would appear by this verse that the Jewish leadership will accept the antichrist.

Lucas Harris - posted on May 26, 2019 3:35 pm

God bless you brother. Its a good thing I had learned God's word when I had because I have a hard head and it took time for things to sink in. I really did not understand a lot of it at the time, being i had a science background, but it surely prepped me for the military some 20 years ago. I think I was just an average American kid but I know this generation, tho more accessible, may have it even more difficult, given all the distractions — if you will. Surely we will need to give prayer for the lost and hope for their blessing.

steve tobin - posted on May 26, 2019 3:44 pm

Get brendon occonell on

forthegloryof Christ - posted on May 26, 2019 4:10 pm

Thanks, your guess is great.

Gary Wilson - posted on May 26, 2019 4:19 pm

I gave a comment but it was isreal news and it was about how does Israel want god to be with them and Jesus with Europe when they approve of such demonic show and live and a huge carnival with such evil they are bringing to Israel it's called eurovision and I watch 15 sec. and new right away there was a lot of satanic thing going on in it and then I thought I look again it was worse than I thought it could be.
Who approves such a thing like that.
Do you think god appreciate such evil and then on TV it was showing and in Europe they were so mad that it was in Israel having just watch and find out the youth is getting so lost because of such things like that I am a Christian and now I really believe it's the end and there is much evil so many lost.
God bless have a beautiful day love peace

Kristine Morand - posted on May 26, 2019 5:04 pm

No Trump is showing his true colors!

Kristine Morand - posted on May 26, 2019 5:07 pm

FM is whats behind Babylon! The whore of Babylon is the templar/Fm secret society cults!

Justine DeVoe - posted on May 26, 2019 5:13 pm

Is it S788 or S88?

AffinityNetNews - posted on May 26, 2019 5:34 pm

Rev. Ted Pike is a hero as is Steven, and his wife. I personally became aware many years ago thanks in large part to Ted Pike’s amazing video ‘THE OTHER ISRAEL’. It changed my life forever. You can still find this video exposing Satanic Babylonian Talmudic World Zionism on YT right now. God bless both of these incredible men who are BOTH Jews !

AffinityNetNews - posted on May 26, 2019 6:08 pm

Now more than ever it is vital to your survival, and protection to learn what few know, or understand : That being, who you are ‘in-law’ under this Satanic Beast System that completely owns and dominates America. This goes for Canada as well. But, I must focus on America here. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COMPANY INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., a private foreign Rothschild owned and controlled private off-shore criminal Corporation that, has been masquerading as in ‘pretending’ to be our sovereign and lawful Constitutional representation since the treasonous Act of 1871, when our nation was litterally stolen from the American people at the end of the civil war. (See Act of 1871) for full details that I can not go into here. There is NO lawful government since The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 when, our nation, and banking system, our monetary system were all high-jacked by the Satanic Rothschild Zionist criminal bankster/military cartel. Under this Satanic de facto fraudulent occupational cartel YOU have been classified as a ‘US Citizen’, or ‘Sub-Corporation’ of USA Inc., as ‘Collateralized Surety’ to be FORCED to pay in taxes ALL debts incurred by Rothschild owned USA Inc., as a ‘Soulless Unit of Commerce’ whether you realize it or not. US Statue Code Title II, Sec. 286, openly states: “ The United States IS a ‘Corporation’ under the management of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Corporation.” So, with that said, where is it written that a mere ‘Corporation’, has ANY lawful authority, jurisdiction or lawful interstate nexus to FORCE you to Comply, Submit and or bootlick a privately owned off-shore criminal cartel who has been lying, cheating, decieving YOU since birth ..? The answer is … THERE IS NONE ! The entire Satanic Beast System is a mere CORPORATION and absolutely nothing more ! This is absolutely vital to understand. All the so-called ‘ACTS’, are nothing more than ‘Corporate Policy’, and are NOT Constitutional Law. How do I know this ..? I defeated the fraudulent and totally criminal IRS Inc., and the Colorado Dept. Of Revenue Inc., in 2005 with the devastating knowledge that I have just shared with you. EVERYTHING you ‘think’ is so-called ‘government’ from federal, state, county and city without exception is in-fact, and in-law nothing more than a FOREIGN CORPORATION ! ALL courts are FOREIGN CORPORATIONS owned by the Satanic Rothschilds ! I threatened to expose this in-court and the IRS dropped their bogus tax lien against me PRIOR to court because, I knew they would NEVER allow this to be heard in court and go into public record. They can never allow the clueless American people to ever learn what I have just shared with you here. To learn more go to:, and learn what Debra Taveres has exposed via a Federal Judge … DO IT NOW !

joseph Buck - posted on May 26, 2019 6:29 pm

Steven I do enjoy hanging out with you and I know our differences that's not a problem I do like ensure your stuff I'm having a lot of problems out of Google their voice to text keeps messing up on my tiny phone and they tend to change the wording in my purse for a lot of times I never type of things by hand haven't use a stylus to hit the keys on the pad I don't know about other people but but it's often changing the wording and shutting the mic off really fast

Daridor Remi - posted on May 26, 2019 10:57 pm

Fullness of Gentiles: Israel Arise and Shine………but ….contradictions. We must pray the promises.

ThatOtherDebra - posted on May 27, 2019 12:18 am

Thank you for sharing this with us! As always, excellent video brother. Have a blessed week ????????

dreamersareus - posted on May 27, 2019 12:44 am

Being Canadian brother how do I help here in Ontario Canada I mean how can I help you other than money?

Katherine downover - posted on May 27, 2019 2:04 am

Looking more and more like the days of Noah, look up for our redemption draws near
Jesus is King

Cathia Tranquil - posted on May 27, 2019 4:03 am

Tank you ! God bless ????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kelly Boling - posted on May 27, 2019 7:03 am

The whore of Babylon is a faux “Christian” system. Jewish factions do not fit this criterion. But there is an entity more powerful, more invasive, more entrenched, more insidious, with greater global reach and influence, and that matches EVERY criteria of spiritual Babylon – the Roman Catholic system. Jewish entities may well play their role in persecuting God’s people, but it’s the Roman Catholic system that presides over all Antichrist entities and systems. It is the whore of Babylon, the little horn of Daniel 7, the sea beast of Revelation 13 and ultimately the Antichrist system. It received a deadly wound in 1798 but it’s wound is fast healing and its former persecuting spirit is going to return with a vengeance. Watch “Revelation: The Bride, the Beast & Babylon” and decide for yourself.

DRUMMER - posted on May 27, 2019 7:31 am

God bless and watch over you, Steven and Jana! The work you both do for the Lord is greatly valued and very much appreciated.

Ronnie Toyco - posted on May 27, 2019 8:25 am

God Bless the Israel 🙂

Ronnie Toyco - posted on May 27, 2019 8:26 am

Chosen as being Blessed 🙂

Carol Rushing - posted on May 27, 2019 8:55 am

holding hands
TRUMPS say directly to him while also holding MALANIAS hand
right on camera!

Rosa YAHSHUA IS THE WAY - posted on May 27, 2019 9:05 am

I don't like titles like Reverend….I revere YAHSHUA HA'MASHIAGH ???? ( JESUS CHRIST )

Judy McDougal - posted on May 27, 2019 9:28 am

Thank you

Truth Betold - posted on May 27, 2019 10:13 am

Excellent segment Steven, very informative and we appreciate what your doing.

Pat Ratzinger - posted on May 27, 2019 1:24 pm

We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, Knights Of Malta, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

Jeremy James - posted on May 27, 2019 6:16 pm

Steven and Yana you are the best .keep the awareness coming.
God bless .
And wow reverend Ted Pike

lavanderlilly - posted on May 27, 2019 9:17 pm

That's basically what they did to Israel Folau here in Australia. If you don't know, he is star football athlete whose 4mil contract got torn up because he tweeted the sins people are going into the lake of fire for. He refused to apologize because of his strong belief in Gods words. And of course it wasn't the drunkards, liars, idolators, etc that he listed they where upset about. Their defense….he is is promoting hate speech. A few years ago there was a protest in one of our largest parks in Sydney, a group of people, including their children where holding up signs to behead the rest of us. That wasn't seen as hate speech and no arrests were made and no one lost their jobs. I stand with Israel Folau. Peace and Love.

jennifer heath - posted on June 2, 2019 10:09 am

This is all part of the persecution and we must stand for something (the Lord Jesus Christ) or fall for anything (satan) and I believe this will be the remnants finest hour being blessed to be persecuted for His sake. Stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might and Full Armor of God, He will take care of us and we must walk in truth and righteousness or we are not of Him if we don't stand for Him. Backbone needed! And the love of the Lord Jesus Christ! TY Steven so much awesome video.

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