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Mishpatim | Shabbat Broadcast 2020

Mishpatim | Shabbat Broadcast 2020

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Linda. Needed for all emails Brotherton dont delete - posted on February 21, 2020 7:49 pm

Thank you all for being here for people like me. I'm in a nursing home in a small town where the people have no idea what Messanic means.

Saliddry - posted on February 21, 2020 8:06 pm

i must have done something wrong… my prayers are worth shit …others report of healing and miracels and i lose my mother 2018 my grandmother 2019 and now last saturday the 15th i lost my dog my best and last friend …
and i realy prayed hard this time .. since i was told he has 1-2 days to live at the vet clinic on thursday the 13… i prayed at his "bed" i prayed on the balkony and at night i took him outsideand i was sitting in the garden on the grass right beside him ….. praying… lot of tears he was my best friend and after loosing my mother 2018 and my grandmother 2019 i beged god to let him stay with me and if its not his will atleast let him die in sleep in peace…

NOTHING !!!! i had to call the vet on saturday cause he ws so weak he couldnt even lift his head longer than 30 seconds and massice breahting problems…… the vet had to come and i had to see him beeing murder with injections …..

i can no longer watch videos about rapture and such … or even praise ….. it feels so damn hollow and useless like an joke to me

i dont know what i have done wrong yes im not perfect but none of us is and i allways repent when i notice that i have done somethign wrong …

i feel like job….. with the diffrence that god surly never boosted about me …but i lose everything here and i dont know why….

to top it off since 13 november 2014 i have an broken smashed nose i still cant realy clean it or breath trough it cause the bones regrew so thick its nearly closed …
i dit nothing wrong i was walking with my dog it was already dark and some guy raged at us for 0 reason while i was trying to protect my dog he put his wole rage and anger in my face……..5 years of prayer asking for heal … nothing here too …….

sorry im at an point now where i say if god wants everyone to be saved and small answer to my prayers would have been nice … something to notice that god cares.. but i think i can start talking to the wall or my shoes and have the same effect…

Tuovi Sjölund - posted on February 22, 2020 4:07 am

Thank you and shabbat shalom

The Merr, Roo2U & Yasha too - posted on February 22, 2020 12:39 pm

When Yahshua was brought before Pilate the first time it was an arraignment in today's legal terminology. When Yahshua said, "My kingdom is not of this world" (kosmos: apt and harmonious arrangement, constitution, order, government) He was challenging the inpersona jurisdiction of Rome to put Him on trial, He wasn't implying that The Kingdom was not an earthly kingdom. In other words, what Yahshua was saying, "My kingdom does not have any treaties, any contracts, any binging agreements, that would give Rome power over My kingdom. My kingdom is not part of the Roman "world" (kosmos: constitution, order, government, the "Pax Romana")". And Pilate agreed with Yahshua's jurisdictional challenge and sent Him to Herod Antipas since Pilate heard that Yahshua was from Galilee (Herod's civil law jurisdiction). This is why Pilate didn't look at Him or think of Him as being a fool. Yahshua was not talking about a kingdom not on earth ("not of this world"), He was talking about THE KINGDOM is not part of the civil law kingdoms of earth by treaty law, contract law, or any agreement civil law vassal kings make with other civil law superior kings to be subject to the ruling authority of the superior king.

Gleaning The Scriptures - posted on February 23, 2020 8:54 pm

I dont know whats goin on, but I am a bondservant, dedicated after the end of the seventh year, and usually am a quiet candle's light. This past week all of the sudden it was like every conversation I had was opportunities to speak of the greatness of my Abba.

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