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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Chaos in the Streets of America is a Conspiracy, Prophecy Moment

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Chaos in the Streets of America is a Conspiracy, Prophecy Moment

Violence in the roads of America is a conspiracy theory. JD: We do not desire our audiences to misinterpret and also believe that we’re not worried regarding justice, justness and also equal rights for each bachelor. But David, would certainly you not concur that criminal actions can not be utilized to attain the integrity of God? DJ: I believe you’re dead-onJimmy You recognize prevision for free speech and also tranquil objection and also assumptions of justice and also equal rights those points are constructed right into our Constitution and also we concur with that. And we additionally concur that what took place to George Floyd and also others was unneeded, it was preventable, it profaned and also probably it ought to be a stimulant for I would certainly state individual self-contemplation and also assessment and also reform and also modification at a variety of degrees, so we concur with that also. But we’re seeing much excessive anarchy, disorder, lawlessness, and also disobedience versus Biblical principals and also I would certainly state versus GodHimself You recognize love is not driving a lot of this and also much excessive is being driven by disgust which’s not originating from theLord Just earlier today I was enjoying a meeting and also I saw BenWatson He’s a previous NFL gamer and also a follower and also a black guy incidentally and also he stated that we have a God that is just one of generosity and also justice and also integrity. Interestingly Fox News really installed the whole knowledgeable he was describing on real-time tv which was Jeremiah 9:24 So Jimmy as you and also our audiences recognize I’m not a conspiracy theory philosopher yet often there are conspiracy theories. I believe a solid Biblical instance can be produced what we are observing belonging to what I would certainly call a planetary conspiracy theory. God, guy, and also the divine angels have a typical adversary which adversary is Satan and also his military of dropped angels. Unbelievers can be pawns in his battle versusGod I would certainly additionally state followers can additionally reluctantly fall under the very same catch if they’re not mindful. JD: David James Bible in hand clarifying the conspiracy theory that’s taking place in the roads ofAmerica We record this info due to the fact that it is establishing the phase for Bible prediction to be satisfied. Many politicians in the United States have actually mentioned a conspiracy theory that is managing the disorder in the roads ofAmerica Dave’s description of the hellish conspiracy theory behind this disorder is appropriate on target due to the fact that it is from words of God, theBible As we check out Ephesians 6: 10-18 we can see the strategy of Satan and after that just how to beat the adversary in these the last days. We needs to undoubtedly place on the entire shield of God and also hope constantly. It’s a straightforward strategy yet it functions. You can listen to the whole program on Learn extra regarding David James, To find out more regarding Bible prediction, take a look at To obtain research devices to more development your understanding of Bible prediction, check out And to make your grad level degree in Advanced Prophetics, head to
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Sa a - posted on June 26, 2020 7:32 am

God will destroy US

Energize1 - posted on June 26, 2020 4:31 pm

Keep looking up until our promises are full filled. Promises made, promises kept.

GC W - posted on June 26, 2020 4:37 pm

The Conspiracy is lead by Satan !

Farout Bruv - posted on July 7, 2020 10:48 am

Blm is a skam, the organizers of the blm movement are demonic they encourage this behavior, and the foolish people think this is condoned behavior because the way they manipulated George Floyd’s death ,it’s normalized across media and music this violence so we should have grace in the sense that a lot of these kids are just blinded ,the people follow the blm organization tho cause it shows partial truth and partial justice but not really at all it’s a form of witchcraft what thier doing , literally a satanic organization blm is , George soros is corrupt as and is the top donater . It’s sad cause this organization is inherently racist because they only talk about cops killing blacks and never about the black children being killed in the cross fire of gang violence or gang violence, even black baby’s being aborted , it’s just sad cause this organization is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and does not care about black lives , but the people think it does ,pure evil the organizers of this movement

lisa evers - posted on August 26, 2020 10:16 pm

Hey all you brainwashed, hypocritical bible-thumpers….

He says here: "Would you not agree that criminal behavior cannot be used to achieve the righteousness of God?"

Tell me this, 'Jimmy'. Have you ever made a similar video talking about the 'criminal behavior'of when cops kill UNarmed Americans? Interesting that you are so concerned that you feel the need to make a video about a certain type of criminal, but not the other (i.e., state-sanctioned murder of our fellow citizens by the US police state)

And by the way, please be sure to check out Jimmy's websites and books. lol Brainwashing folks so they'll keep you rich.

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