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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Significance of the missing Ark of the Covenant, Prophecy Moment

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Significance of the missing Ark of the Covenant, Prophecy Moment

And claimed against the Levities that showed all Israel, which were divine unto the Lord, Put the divine ark in your home which Solomon the child of David king of Israel did develop. ll Chronicles 35:3. For refresher course– II Chronicles 35:1-19 As we concern II Chronicles 35 we have actually learnt 27 phases of II Chronicles because our last religious in phase 7. These phases include the “Biblical background” of the tasks of the leaders of the Jewish individuals consisting ofHezekiah In this background we discover exactly how the Lord cares for His individuals securing them from themselves along with the Assyrians that when they struck Judah “the angel of the Lord”, a pre-incarnate look of Jesus, eliminated 185,000 Assyrian soldiers and also ran the Assyrian leader, back to his very own land. In his homeland, the Assyrian leader, that attempted to ruin Judah was eliminated by his very own individuals, II Kings 19: 35-37 As you have time to review this extremely fascinating “background lesson” you will certainly see that the Lord increases up a terrific king for Judah, KingJosiah Josiah would certainly bring reform to the spiritual aspect of Jewish life, fix the Temple and also advise the Jews of the bondage that was coming. With understanding right into the “times in which they were living” the king made prep work for the Passover and also at the very same time had the “ark of the commitment” gotten rid of from the “Holy of holies” and also positioned in a safe area, II Chronicles 35:3. I’ll reach that tale momentarily, however initially please notification that this was the moment for thePassover Josiah would certainly get ready for a large Passover, which would certainly make use of 30,000 lambs and also 3,000 bulls, knowledgeable 7 of our religious for today. The message informs us “neither did all the kings of Israel maintain such a Passover as Josiah maintained”, knowledgeable18 Remember, the Passover is among the 7 banquet days that the Jewish individuals go on a yearly basis as regulated by theLord Now back to the “ark of the commitment” and also the reality that it was gotten rid of from the Holy of holies in theTemple Josiah had the Levities to get rid of the Ark and also to put it in the “home”, knowledgeable 3. Remember, the “ark of the commitment” had actually been positioned in the Temple, I Kings 8, when Solomon had actually ended up constructing theTemple Josiah was having the Levities, the ones devoted to relocating the ark, to relocate from the Holy of holies to the “home”. This word for “home” is “bayith” in the Hebrew and also it does imply “home”. However, there are extra significances for this word, like, “secret remote hiding location”. Josiah had the Levities put the ark below the Temple in an area that King Solomon had actually prepared to shield the “ark”. The ark never ever left the location, going specifically to Ethiopia, or any kind of location else. On among my DVD’s, “Ready to Rebuild Revisited”, I consult with 2 Jewish Rabbi’s that mosted likely to the area of the ark back in 1982, and also they informed me they understand specifically where it is and also it can be highlighted and also positioned once more in the Temple when the following Jewish holy place stands inJerusalem By the method, all prep work have actually been made to develop the following holy place with the training of the clergyman, the applies for the holy place made and also in storage space and also certainly the ark prepared to be placed in theTemple All that is left is to develop the Temple on the Temple Mount inJerusalem There is just one revelation that has to be satisfied prior to the procedure can start to develop the following Temple which is the Rapture of theChurch Since the structure of the Temple is so close, you need to understand that the Rapture is extremely close likewise. It can also take place today. To discover more concerning Bible revelation, look into To obtain research devices to additional advancement your understanding of Bible revelation, check out And to make your grad level degree in Advanced Prophetics, head to
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Batman M - posted on May 18, 2020 3:18 pm

Jimmy, any chance that you've heard about the Copper Scroll Project where they are saying the temple treasures have been found in Qumran? Do you think that there is any merit to this?

barney rubel - posted on May 18, 2020 4:08 pm

Jimmy didn't think you saw my question, but i guess you did. Thank you for the answer that i have been seeking for a very long time. I had even asked rabbis about it and of course now i see why they never wanted to respond to it, again thank you!

Daniel1RG - posted on May 18, 2020 7:22 pm

Great video.

Crotchety Old Grouch - posted on May 19, 2020 3:30 pm

The LOST TEMPLE Mount- the REAL Location of Solomon's Temple in the City of David, Jerusalem (???)

Michael Williams - posted on May 21, 2020 10:43 am

Jimmy, when did the Shekinah Glory leave the temple if the Ark had been moved during Josiah's reign (before 610 BC)? It must have been before 400 BC.

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