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Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines  - 8/14/19

Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 8/14/19

Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 8/14/19 It’s Later Than You Think… Time is Short! A fast-paced highlight and review of the major news stories and headlines that relate to Bible Prophecy and the End Times… All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that’s already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door. For more in-depth studies, commentary, and analysis of Bible Prophecy and End Times events visit our web site and sign-up for our free newsletter…
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Debbie Deal - posted on August 15, 2019 1:41 am

Awaiting "Our Blessed Hope" Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Randy Wyatt - posted on August 15, 2019 2:48 am

Thank you for adding the good news in there. I love the "pre approved" made me smile. For someone who has just recently turned my life over to Christ I learn so much from these videos. God bless you & your family. Thank you

Connection Magazine - posted on August 15, 2019 3:00 am

Justin Bieber needs to repent and follow the Jesus of holy Scripture and His ways. Time to seek Jesus and His ways to gain discernment before it's too late PUV.

Richard Mann - posted on August 15, 2019 3:28 am

About time for the Arabs to go away. For good.

Ruth Robel - posted on August 15, 2019 4:47 am

The " offensive white man" in the crosswalk, really?? This is the end of days!!! Who cares about a cross walk? Pray for Isreall and all of our persecuted brethren across the world????

Lori Nettles - posted on August 15, 2019 5:51 am

16 Days till prayer challenge begins. I would like to issue a simple challenge to the body of Christ. Will you pray with me everyday during the month of September? Why September you ask. Because it’s the month of preparation for the fall feasts and our Jewish family is praying and preparing their hearts (time of repentance and drawing close to God) during the month. Did you know the shofar trumpet is blown every morning (except on Shabbat) during the month of Elul? How powerful could the month of September be if while some of the family are preparing their hearts for their appointed meeting times, we too are preparing our hearts for our meeting in the air!

Many of us believe that we are taken before God’s focus is returned back to Israel therefore many of us are praying for a final revival before that moment. I believe in the power of numbers if all of us, with intention and collectively, pray that we can see the Holy Spirit move in a powerful way during this precious month and for Christ’s return.

I know we pray all year round but let’s set a goal to pray for the salvation of Israel and the rapture of the Church for 30 days during September 2019. I was inspired to look for some shofar trumpet sounds to play in the mornings (not required!) and was surprised at the collection available. It’s a fun thought that trumpets for the Lord could be sounding off all around the world every day for 30 days. Anyway, I hope you will join me in prayer in September and feel free to mention your prayer requests. If you want to help please copy and share this request or make your own and help get the word out for a month of prayer in September! Blessings all around sweet family!

Nathan Dunning - posted on August 15, 2019 6:40 am

Jerusalem does Not belong to Muslims full stop! They all get destroyed in the coming Tribulation.

Come Out of Her, My People Karla Tietz - posted on August 15, 2019 7:26 am

As always, thank you for your time, dedication and effort for our Saviour Jesus Christ. ???⚖⏰

Pretty Up - posted on August 15, 2019 8:00 am

Drop a smarty on mecca

Flo Float - posted on August 15, 2019 9:49 am

Signs of His second coming multiply, but the question is: Are we ready? Ignoring these signs are dangerous…. think about it!

Alexander Davis - posted on August 15, 2019 12:46 pm

Bieber follows s cult jesus and the day man celebrates the sabbath is on Saturday. I I think The age of the dollar will be gone in 5 years.

Melvin Mccullough - posted on August 15, 2019 2:04 pm

Sabbath is 7th day ( Saturday) now first day Sunday

Melvin Mccullough - posted on August 15, 2019 2:05 pm

Wake up and read the whole chapter like you do with the books of man

Vincent Gauci - posted on August 15, 2019 3:50 pm

not even God’s people knows the day of God jehovah’s coming ,could be tonight So be ready bros and sisters lets go to work, MAY JEHOVAH be with you .

Stoic Observer - posted on August 15, 2019 8:34 pm

Excellent as usual guys…. Wait, did I just assume your gender?

Gud Sveinen - posted on August 15, 2019 8:36 pm

"more rockets"

Seth Burkhart - posted on August 15, 2019 8:47 pm

Please God send your son to snatch up his bride so I can finally rejoice and be calm at a party. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

Gud Sveinen - posted on August 15, 2019 8:52 pm

Light, that the chip in arms and stuff guys, are bundle away, love angels..?
Blood of Jesus 🙂

Lim Lin - posted on August 16, 2019 4:59 am

Natural disasters do not hit godless nations for no reason. God's judgment does come in the form of earthquakes, famines, pestilences, typhoon, hails, destructive floods and extreme weather to godless nations in the last days. God sends us these signs spoken of in the books of Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13 and Revelation chapters 6-18 for our correction but godless people and godless societies are not aware of it. They are going to continue to do godless things like persecuting Christians or coming against Israel by joining the BDS movement or forcing Israel to divide its land. We should look at world events through the eyes of Scripture when we see natural disasters. India has been persecuting Christians.

Mahmoud Abbas will never want peace because he does not wish to lose the opportunity to pocket millions into his bank accounts if he were to go for the peace plan. Trump's new peace plan will be supervised and rightly so. Hamas exist to destroy Israel but they disguise it and the world blindly believes them. Those of us who knows what God’s Word says, we see through their lies and we know what they are up to. Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranians are seeking to follow through with their belief to destroy Israel. The Bible tells us that God will step in to defeat His enemies once and for all.

God's Word tells us that Esau's sword will always be against his brothers. Ishmael's seed will always be divided. The Bible tells us that there is no such thing as Arab unity. There cannot be Arab unity. The Word of God says there is only one way for there to be Arab unity and that is when the Arabs renounce Islam and put their faith in Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ. In Christ, you can have Arab unity. Outside of Christ, there cannot be. They will never stand together. The Bible tells us that Arab's enmity will kill each other and their common enemies, namely, the Jews and the Christians. The book of Genesis is right. The Koran is proven wrong about Arab unity. Even Muslims debunk it.

Our world will not know true peace until Jesus the Messiah, the Prince of Peace returns. Scriptures reveal that real peace will only come to the Middle East when the Arabs and the Jews finally dwell as brothers in true peace under the rule of their Messiah, who alone can heal the ancient hatred between them.

China wants people to worship their government not to worship the one true God. Good news that Bibles to China are not under the tariff list to China. Everyone needs to read the Bible. Good job President Trump.

Headline says "Illinois adopts law requiring LGBT history lessons to be taught in public schools." LGBT history is to be taught in public schools? The schools should start with Sodom and Gomorrah. Because God destroyed the 2 towns because of their sexual perversions. We have people all over the world celebrate this same-sex sexual perversions. Jeffrey Epstein ran a paedophile island. People in position of high power, including Bill Clinton, were caught in that. Epstein had an oil painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and he has got these red high heels. Many say it was the same dress that Monica Lewinsky wore when she was in the oval office. Just bizarre hat it’s coming from people who thinks it is okay to have sex with minors.

Xanther Blaze - posted on August 16, 2019 11:51 am

Let's get the party started then, shall we?

Avis Swope - posted on August 16, 2019 7:00 pm


Avis Swope - posted on August 16, 2019 7:04 pm


Avis Swope - posted on August 16, 2019 7:07 pm


researchfiend - posted on August 17, 2019 12:43 am

Justin Bieber and all hollywood are gender inverted transsexuals..they are they last creatures to be featured in good news… if they are encouraging anything that SEEMs good, it is because they are planned opposition.. Of course God only knows… there is more Biblical good news about the rapture seeming to be happening this weekend..if you look up something like August 2019 Rapture…

baby boss - posted on August 17, 2019 4:02 am

this is bullshit . all you want is to conquer the world . well played AMERICA

WisdomFrom Above - posted on August 18, 2019 3:56 am

The Anti-Christ Revealed

I was born and raised in the United states. I have studied the Bible the Quran , Confusion analects, Hindu Vegas , as well as different denominations . I found it very interesting the similarities between Judaism , Islam and Christianity ,yet how can the Nation of Islam have salvation because in the Quran (  surah 4:157 ),Yeshua was taken to Allah as another man was made to look like Yeshua and he was crucified instead of Yeshua…….so in Islam there is no blood sacrifice for sin. As well in Judaism they deny Yeshua as messiah , It's a shame. What Yeshua did for us was the most pure act of love . It is understanding and believing this act that changes the way we live our lives. What do you do when you believe something? ( Romans 10:9-10).
What I understand involves the end times. I would like to share a bit with you . Did you ever see a connection with the election signs everywhere ,(TrumpPence) ? In revelation it speaks of many Trumpet Blast! (Revelation13:11) refers to a false prophet who will get people to worship the Beast by worshiping the system of the anti Christ (micro chip) One that I would like to share is who the anti Christ (Beast) is ,and it is never who people suspect or believe. William Henry Gates lll. He is responsible for the system that the microchip and Artificial Intelligence will control in our world (revelation ‪13:17‬) .

The anti-Christ is calculated and revealed ,for it is the number of a man , and he will get all, great and small free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand ( if missing) or forehead . That no man may buy or sell with out it.

6 = day of man

A-6.           —    A-6
B-12.        —     B-3
C-18.         —   C-9
D-24.        —    D-6
E-30.       —     E-3
F-36.       —     F-9
G-42.       —    G-6
H-48.      —     H-3
I – 54.     —      I -9
J -60.      —     J-6
K -66.      —     K-3
L-72.        —     L-9
M-78       —     M-6             
N-84.     —      N-3
O-90.      —     O-9
P-96.      —-     P-6
Q-102.   —-      Q-3
R-108.     —     R-9
S-114.     —     S-6
T-120.      —    T-3
U-126.     —    U-9
V-132.     —     V-6
W-138.   —      W-3
X-144.    —      X-9
Y-150.   —        Y-6
Z-156.    —       Z-3

W. I. L. L. I. A. M
1+3+8+5+4+7+2+7+2+ 5+4+ 6+7+8 = 6+9 = 1+5= SIX
H. E. N. R. Y.
4+8+3+0+8+4+1+0+8+1+5+0= 4+2= SIX
G. A. T. E. S.
4+2+6+1+2+0+3+0+1+1+4= 2+4= SIX

(Revelation ‪13:17-18‬)

Bill Gates the philanthropist…….. Scary because he is so hidden in our society and his love of money is shared by the masses… Revelation 16:13,14 ….” three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of dragon the beast and the false prophet as it were frogs “ to understand this scripture look up Vril reptilians …
          Mark in Greek is Charagma (khar'-ag-mah)
Which means:
A scratch or etching, a
stamp .
( as a badge of servitude)
six hundred sixty six= chi xi stigma
στίγμα stígma, stig'-
mah; from a primary
στίζω stízō (to "stick", i.e. prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of service:—mark.

       How about Barak Obama, direct translation is…lightening from heaven ( Luke 10:18) “and I saw satan fall as lightening from heaven”
The harvest is before us
( HR 4919 – Kevin and Avonte's Law of 2016) . The microchip implantation will be this moment that people will have to make a decision,not go along with the system that our mighty country will put in place. Refusal to take the micro chip for some that will be escape to (Mathew 24:15) trees and mountains,etc and others that stand against the government for what they believe is religious freedom will be beheaded…. Obama care code: ICD9hE978 . FEMA camps are filled with millions of plastic coffin liners and guillotines
(HB 1274 was written by state legislator Doug Teper in order to provide for the possibility of organ donation from the bodies of executed prisoners. Lethal injection and electrocution render organs unsuitable for transplantation, but decapitation leaves them intact. The bill never even was allowed to come up for a full vote by the state legislature ) .
Our world is falling to pieces before our eyes and people are standing and fighting for all the wrong reasons .. Not working , breaking things that are not theirs, standing up for what they believe is a God givin right to make their own choices no matter what the harm is and to who.
           September 23 2017 was the great sign in heaven that revelation 12:1-4 tells us about. That marks the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. The Abomination that causes desolation standing in the holy place, will be when they make a law microchipping babies at birth around March of 2021. We are so close to this micro chip system. Bill Gates just praised President elect Donald Trump as like JFK because they will unite the country in innovation ,as did JFK on going to the moon …That innovation will be the microchip . You will see it and hear of it more and more…If this is something that you already know you will not accept then you need to start making preparations now ….time goes by with no regard and suddenly we stand before something that preparation , knowledge and our mental and physical state will play major part in what decision we make. All that refuse the micro chip and flee for safety will eventually see China bring military here to fulfill Isaiah 13…
with Russia guiding them to come get their 1.157 trillion owed to them and desecrate the land with full knowledge of American government . We are already betrayed but not like they are going to betray us….
On our Exodus from society we will need the ability to protect ourselves and to hunt for food . There will be women and children in our care. That means being prepared to survive off the grid and protect those that cannot protect themselves from plenty of militia groups that will also rebel from the government and not receive the gps trackable micro chip …Not everyone that refuses the micro chip are the children of God. The day of the innocent being attacked is coming to an end.
        The rapture is when our savior returns after the great tribulation, as 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 tells us…. also refer to revelation 10:7 ( final trumpet) and Revelation 16:17 ( 7th bowl) Both scriptures refer to the end. Completed. Done.

       Revelation 7:3,4 tells us of the 144,000 sealed of God . Revelations 14:4,5 tells us that it is a remnant that has devoted their life to God ( 144,000,some sort of priesthood) And are virgins and have not defiled themselves with women and no lie was found in them …. ( that defiantly does not describe me or the majority of Christians I know). Then there is the remnant ( those that are prepared and flee this system) that will comethrough the great tribulation, having washed themselves clean by the blood of the Lamb and there is a third remnant ( revelation 20:4 ) the saints that will die for the testimony of our savior , Jesus. That is in part what the FEMA camps are for.

Anyone who receives this mark will share in the wrath of God un-diluted in the cup of his indignation . For those of you that are looking for a zombie apocalypse then you should read and understand this scripture ( Revelation 9:6) . A chosen demographic will receive a microchip encapsulated with cyanide .
By allowing this very specific micro chip for a very specific purpose inside your body that according to (1Corinthians ‪6:19-20‬) is where the Holy Spirit of God resides. That means Temple. You are then giving up your eternal spirit for destruction ( Revelation 14 : 9-12) . As it is written where your treasure is there also will your heart be.

Have you looked at anything CERN in Switzerland is doing? Trying to open a doorway to other dimensions !(Revelation 9:2).. Abyss???( Revelation 9:3-5) speaks of bound spirits will be released and those spirits will inhabit the spiritless that have received the microchip . I believe that these great locust that torment those that do not have the seal of God will be these spirits released from the abyss in control of drones and will be in control also of the military personnel .

The Mandela effect is the door closing as in Noah's day. (Mathew 24:37) …. The door is closing …… There is plenty to be revealed and understood more clearly . I have an open mind and I'm very interested in like minds with working together to be prepared … To know the proper provisions and at the proper time ….

The link is a 4 min video I made of some of the poverty I've seen in this world, every man , woman and child received food , medicine and water , clothing or all from me personally and I wanted people to get involved in feeding the poorest of the earth because in (Mathew 25 31-46) I don't think Christians today understand the reality of that scripture for them on this mighty day prophesied thousands of years ago. However without a way to get re-compensation ( ie , tax right off) they were not interested .

Wisdom from above

Contact for recommended supplies.

Janisaries Nomore - posted on August 19, 2019 6:12 am

Revelations 12 astronomy alignment is happening. The earth's magnetic poles are moving towards the Indian ocean (yes, it's real and verifiable) the magnetic shield is weakening. The sun is moving into grand solar minimum. Our ability to grow food on a normal scale is diminishing by the week.
Issac Newton called the major markers a long time ago. It's overwhelming, especially after the sounds heard in the sky. Pray. Believe. Treat everyone with love and respect. G*D makes a way.

Uintabri - posted on August 20, 2019 6:45 am

So much evil around. And so much evil brought out in the open.

Hamex Gaming - posted on August 21, 2019 8:07 pm

Guys i saw something in the video that i want to address, im not saying the rfid chip will not play a part in the mark of the beast drama but sadly it is not the mark of the beast.the mark of the beast is a false worship day and its sunday. sunday laws are already being enforced ,they are already in law book they are just not voted upon yet, please do not accept the mark of the beast. the day of the lord is saturday and it is in the bible. both the new and old testament says that saturday is the day of the lord.

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