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So Boaz Took Ruth — 02/10/2020

So Boaz Took Ruth — 02/10/2020– The publication of Ruth is a tale of love, loss, and also household– yet within this brief story we locate the starts of a kingly line and also an effective photo of the comingMessiah Listen as the tale remains to unravel on Truth For Life with AlistairBegg ***Download the collection at
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Whole Brain Productions - posted on February 10, 2020 6:05 am

Excelent message. This Actually coincides with the reading from one of my classes in seminary.

As an artist Ive struggled with the concept of making a name for myself. It wasnt until God put it in my heart that I should do something that my talents made any sense.

As well, “the mind’s eye”, or third eye was a concept I studied and practiced at length in my former life. Once saved, in that moment of redemption, I asked the Lord to close mine eye as it had been opened by dubious measures not of the Independent and Sovereign Will of God, but of mine own fleshly desires for wisdom and more light. In that moment it closed with a great sound like a rolling stone and all was dark. Having found new Joy I went to the beach to rejoice in God’s creation. While driving there, I asked Jesus to Open mine eye if it should please Him and immediately there was brighter light than ever before! Amen

Trianne Laelle Ville - posted on February 10, 2020 7:48 am

I think I can see what The Lord has been telling me these days. And that is not to occupy myself with making a name for myself. This morning, thru Chris Bruno's book "The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 verses". I learned that the people tried to make a name for themselves by creating the Tower of Babel. It was a futile exercise! Unlike Abram who was only minding his business. It was God who took him and made a name for him!
Then again, God created mankind (like me) not to make a name for himself but to represent God and be part of expanding His dominion in all creation. So, it is not my life purpose to make a name for myself.
Then this evening, as Pastor Alistair explains how Boaz took Ruth, The Lord has spoken to me again, telling me to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. To count my name, even my reputation and my future as loss, if it means giving Christ honor and being part of expanding the kingship of the Lord Jesus in the lives of people.
I am so amazed at how, today, it so happened I read this particular book of Chris Bruno and it so happened I listened to this particular podcast of Pastor Begg! The Lord is amazing! 😍💖😍

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