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Amir Tsarfati: Europe Ready for the Antichrist

Amir Tsarfati: Europe Ready for the Antichrist

Amir describes exactly how western #Europe of the last 100 years has actually actually imported #Babylon right into it’s boundaries as well as is preparing to bring to life the #Antichrist #bible #bibleprophecy. Follow us on social media sites:. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Visit our site: Public Reading of Scripture: Pre- order Amir’s brand-new publication: ean =9780736981057 Purchase Amir’s Book, “The Last Hour”: DVD’s & Digital Downloads: Latest Middle East News: Bible Teachings: Articles: Teaching Around the World: Bible Experience Tours:
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Elizabeth Fernandez - posted on March 29, 2020 12:13 am

Glory to GOD for the boldness of Amir. Awesome GOD used Him for the ignorant people. JESUS is the only way for us to follow in eternal home…Grateful to GOD for HIS informative message for spiritual walk preparation. GOD bless Amir! GOD bless the world. Read on BIBLE!(Fr. Philippines)

shirley aaron - posted on March 30, 2020 9:40 am

Thank You Bro. Amir. We are surely living exiting times. We need to be Rapture ready. Amen Come Lord Jesus, the redeemer of the world.

Rolaine - posted on March 31, 2020 8:13 pm


Rose Wild Bill - posted on March 31, 2020 9:41 pm

…he is pretty mixed up about some simple prophetic revelations. For instance, Revelation describes 10 future kings giving their allegiance to Antichrist. Amir seems to think that is only symbolic of past empires. That is a twisting of a clear and simple prophesy in Revelation !

Utr Nagel - posted on April 4, 2020 12:22 pm

What happened 2012?

Utr Nagel - posted on April 4, 2020 1:01 pm

What you say to secret?

Jennifer Tinker - posted on April 4, 2020 6:36 pm

It's disappointing Amir that you don't want to know who the Antichrist is… We have a right to know…

Richard Moore - posted on April 7, 2020 12:30 pm

There is no Rapture religious propaganda, scripture we shall be caught up in the air, not the sky, scripture, the air strikes the heart and cause it to beat, meaning that the Messiah will be born and live in human flesh, here on earth, eschatology codex language,

Richard Moore - posted on April 7, 2020 12:31 pm

The Jesus is a fabrication European deception for slavery in America business

Joe Public - posted on April 12, 2020 2:03 am

Isaiah 1 Corinthians - posted on April 12, 2020 2:47 pm

TO AMIR, TSARFATI: I LIKE YOU A LOT & YOUR MESSAGE, RESEARCH. INTERESTING. I see you are emotional about certain parts of your presentation. I understand some things are difficult to mention….Respond if you like.
I am Greek but of the diaspora. . I just listen & learn to be aware, to open my mind & heart, soul to Jesus.
Some of your audience in this meeting are delusional, demonic: they are laughing at serious matters you are mentioning.
I want to serve Jesus for life & want to relocate to another Country, warm 1 because in Canada is too cold, 666 in tel.num. in many Canadian towns, cities across Country & other symbols too. I hate it here & I am lonely,, alone. People are not good here but selfish, & snobbish, cliquish. I want to be connected in person with you as well with Hot Christians who serve Christ. I want to serve Him & relocate. I want to use my multilingual abilities to serve Christ in: English, Greek, French, Spanish.. Help me.

skippers beloved - posted on April 12, 2020 8:29 pm

He is alive …………..

Gleason Parker - posted on April 14, 2020 9:27 am


Advertaniya - posted on April 18, 2020 7:20 am

You are right brother about europe.we are littel peoples what we are born again in greece.even in my city i dont thing we are 10 people and the rest even you tell them to repent ,is like you speak in the air,they dont care.i fill bad when i cant save some people to return to our lord jesus but i pray for them.more we are in tessaloniki born again.thank you Jesus for all and also to let me to speak the true around.glory to our king of king ,lords of lords jesus.amen

Ginette Melody - posted on May 5, 2020 2:06 am

Shiva is a male Indian god, not a goddess. If we look at our time we could say that Satan is the god of the world too. Money, war, etc etc etc. You and me know that God is the Creator who allows yet it seems as if the evil rules this world. May be that’s what Helena Blavatsky meant. Blessings

Mark Frost - posted on May 5, 2020 11:32 am

By the way Amir…heard it was a metal bull they roasted Atipas in…at the seat of Satan…

Master Commander - posted on May 11, 2020 8:45 am

No, there is not for you that do not believe in miracles because the Divine Power (EL YHVH) made sure that the invisible ink and hidden gift "empowerment to ascend" called by many "salvation" , do not appear in the presence of disloyalty, no trust and no love for him. So you could never get the empowerment hidden in the testimony of JOHN in the Bible. No human deserve such empowerment to ascend into eternity's paradise, but you certainly deserve it less than any other human on earth because you are wicked, and not repented and if you were to ascend somehow, indeed you could transform paradise into hell for the rest of the people which are sanctified and could not stand sinning willingly, knowingly, intentionally except the hypocrites that act as if they are in faith and that are Christians but are only playing theater for big wages and to steal money but have no empowerment of salvation (are not saved), even though they could preach about it every Sunday or Saturday. You.Richard Moore.have insulted my Lord Messi'Yah and doing so, you have insulted me.

The Lord has a place for you to descend to. Is called "isolation zone of all evil, sin, corruption wicked creatures, humans and demons. Zone abbreviated h.e.l.l and created for isolation to prevent corruption contaminate the rest of the universe , paradise and heaven through creatures that ascend in the Empire of The EternaL YHVH El's universe. So that's why the empowerment to ascend can not and will never be revealed and given to the not truthfully repented, or to the actors playing theater and acting as if now are Christians while are not. The empowerment could be felt when is received when Messi'Yah appears one way or another in private to the person that He is ready to give his empowerment which he puts into the mind made of energy (of spirit) a copy of the physical mind, and called "soul".

The wicked can not even feel their own souls, so gone they are, … they are almost spiritual corpses. They are almost dead without even knowing. May YHVH EL of IshmaEL and of IsraEL have mercy on your soul, but since is not empowered to ascend, at least not yet, it surely looks that it will go there where there could not be found any mercy because in hell the attributes of YHVH (such as mercy), attributes which are all good, but are not present in hell. Never'the'less I wish EL YHVH may have mercy on you, me hoping you repent, truly to become "a new person" that sins no more willingly, knowingly, so that you could receive the power of salvation , the empowerment to ascend which could be felt at receiving it being put in your soul but does not get activated EXCEPT at the moment when your soul exit the body.

With it you ascend in Eternity's paradise of EL YHVH, but without the empowerment to ascend (salvation), you descend in the isolation zone of all evil, corruption, and practitioners of such evil. All sins are established as being evil. The Bible have the record of everything that is sin or evil . The isolation zone or hell has many spots, but one of them is the area of the magnetic core of the earth, where souls and evil spirits (demons) descend in the zone area of empty spaces between the core of the earth, and the molten rock magma (lava) which is HELL for all of us, but the benefit of a demon for an ounce or gram of conform from the agony is to feed on some of you, and to rape the others. No worries about death because no energy mind (soul) or evil spirit (demon) could die in self destruction before thousands of years are passed in.

When humans are raped by demons, they become seeded with larva "maggots" which once they start crawling all over, is agony added to the rape agony done by demons that are about three times the size of a human and thousands of times more powerful against anyone that does not have YHVH"Savior's protection. With YHVH EL no one can mess up, because EL is Unlimited Energy (Spirit) Power, therefore Unlimited in Power, "Almighty", Essence of Eternity, Self Aware, Super Intelligent, "The Eternal "EL". So without EL's protection, you are "fair game" and "easy target", even on this earth so that any demon can whisper into your brain vanity and blasphemy against the Divinity of Messi'Yah. and you as a fool will just believe it and repeat it so that "The Deceiver", "The Best of Deceivers" "Lah" (Lucifer) and his demons could have your soul in hell as slave, hell that he mockingly calls "heavens of Lah".

But when humans become no more enjoyable to eat at, or to rape after so much time, and is desired "fresh souls", they are thrown in the fire, in the lava. It takes thousands of years in agony in the fire until a soul remembers no more anything about life it once had on the surface of the earth which was a temporary school for graduation with the empowerment to ascend into eternity's paradise, (degree called "salvation") but with freedom to choose not too, just as it appears that you make such choice. Since you are wicked posting deceit to lead astray others and in love with money and other idols, the first thing I got to help you repent with is to get rid of "the love of money which is root of all evil. Is not money that is evil, is the love of money. That is the first thing that I have to help you with. I am not going to waste much time with you anymore until you will start paying for the time I spend with you, so you could start getting rid of your love for money, because that it is one of the major barriers that contributes to your soul to descend in hell.

Truly the empowerment to ascend is real and I could help you to achieve salvation through Messi'Yah but you have to be willing to want it and spend the time to get it. I could spend time on Skype with you but it will cost you and you will have to be willing to pay to an account that I will mention to you to deposit a donation to someone that deserves it having no money yet being very loyal to YHVH EL and EL' s EternaL Word Yah'Shua (YHVH'Savior) Messi'Yah. Right now you don't deserve anything you have because you are not even thankful toward the The Lord that have provided you with, and which is the Creator of the universe and Owner of it, yet you dare like a microbe to question EL's EternaL Word Yah'Shua Messi'Yah' s divinity. This is a big mistake that is going to cost you, either a lot of money, or isolation in hell after your soul exit your body and will descend in the isolation zone of all evil including the evil root "love of money".

Rebecca Smith - posted on May 12, 2020 3:55 pm


Master Commander - posted on May 13, 2020 11:55 am

In the government of the EU there are plenty of Muslims not known as being Muslims because they do not want to advertise themselves as being "Muslims" because they could better promote Islam over EU from powerful positions from EU and take control over EU nuclear weapons by not making themselves known as being Muslims.
Also; since when is not Israel supposed to sign a peace agreement with a Muslim ? Arafat was one, and Israel signed with him a peace agreement. And Since when is Israel supposed to NOT get deceived by the Anti'Christ to implement a peace agreement, even if makes himself known as "A Muslim". The Bible declares clearly that Israel will be deceived by the Anti'Christ and sign a peace agreement, no matter who that Anti'Christ is (Muslim or not). They did sign a peace agreement with Arafat a Muslim and not just a Muslim but A TERRORIST.

It is very possible that a Muslim politician from EU's government, else from UN, NOT EVEN BEING KNOWN OF BEING MUSLIM, will be the Anti'Christ. Another thing he got wrong among many other things is about the Christian Knights. They have been the produce of over 500 years of Muslims invasions over different parts of Europe when Christians said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", and they were as a answer to the Islamic Muslim occupation. Despite what liars and deceivers may say, Knights intentions of liberating Jerusalem from Islamic Muslim occupation was genuine and happened. But as with many other things, Christians always divide each other and split on different issues and that is WHEN THEY BECOME WEAK when are DIVIDED and could be DEFEATED BY THE ENEMIES.

Reason for which is why years later became weak (because of divisions among groups, language and nationalistic pride (pride hateful to the Lord) divisions among each others instead of agreeing and remain united to remain powerful and "unbeatable", so they became.weak and defeated, unable to keep Jerusalem or Atheo'Judeo'Christian Byzantine lands in which "Corinth" that was invaded and taken by Muslims and changed with the name "Turkey". Those lands should be given back to Atheo'Judeo'Christians your brothers which are persecuted and have been reduced to pitiful minorities in their own lands through genocide. Like Muslims will do to you if they will ever succeed to take the power after infiltrating all schools, institutes, governments, police and military to impose their Muslim laws and finally enslave you step by step.

Muslims keep advancing and invading more and more countries and transforming them little by little with patience into "Muslim Countries" from which they "deceive" they run away as refugee into other "Non'muslim countries " fulfilling the plan of Allah'HaSatan to invade and occupy and transform Non'muslim countries into "Muslim Countries" as they did with Bosnia and Kosovo, two new ones over the 50 occupied and turned into Musllim Countries by force over which to implement the Muslim man Messiah declared in their Quran under the name code of "ISA" that according to the Muslim Quran preaching "IS' SLAM" against the human race, that Messiah ISA was never crucified (which clearly means that, that Messiah is the Anti'Christ (the false Messiah.)

As Islam and Muslim religion and doctrine promotes "TAKIA" and is "taqiyya" (DECEIT), it DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL IF THE ANTI'CHRIST COMES KNOWN AS A "MUSLIM MESSIAH" OR " NOT KNOWN AT ALL AS BEING MUSLIM (even though secretly he took "Shahada" oath in allegiance to HaSatan'Allah (Lucifer "Lah") and is recorded in the Quran as being "a slave of Allah". Concerning "Muslims" in general ALL OF THEM ARE DECEITFUL BY just declaring themselves "Muslims" and by so doing, they promote "Islam of the Quran" that promotes takia clearly written in the Quran that "DECEIT" is to be used against Non'muslims. The Quran also promotes the titles: "The Best of Deceivers", "A Great Deceiver" and "The Deceiver" titles of Allah but also of Satan because "Allah" is Satan Lucifer besides the fact that the abbreviation of Lucifer is "Lah" which Arabs calls "Allah". And Muslims called his slaves therefore "satanists". "To Lah" , "of Lah" , "god Lah" in Arabic is "al Lah" (Allah). You do not have to be a genius to understand those simple facts.

Therefore as a Muslim, you promote Allah "The Best of Deceivers" so you promote deceit as being "The Truth" , therefore yourself are "a deceiver slave of Allah "The Best of Deceivers" according to your own Quran and not according to me. The true "Anti'Christ" in the Quran is "ISA" about which the Quran says that was never crucified THEREFORE (without the crucifixion) IS NOT THE "TRUE MESSI'YAH", because is presented as "a slave of Allah The Deceiver" therefore is Anti'Christ, is "Anti the Christ" which is "The Truth" and has no DECEIVER titles as Allah has and is against what the Bible teaches. About the Anti'Christ "ISA" is deceitfully taught that he was born by the virgin Mary, while only the true Messi'Yah was, but we know that the truthful Messi'Yah recorded in the Bible, was crucified on the cross and only He alone "The EternaL Word of YHVH EL of IshmaEL and of IsraEL, took temporarily Divine Prophet human shape (NOT Quran of IS' SLAM shape) and accomplished His mission through the crucifixion as a sacrifice; becoming Judge over the human race and Savior for whoever love and trust Him..

If the Anti'Christ does not respect the deceit promoted by his Allah'Ha'Satan in his Quran, and to deceive better he will start lying that he is "the one that died on the cross", you still know that he is NOT the real one, just by comparing him and what is doing, against the Bible. If he does not match 100% with the water/ Holy Spirit mark of the Bible, then you still know that he is not the real one, besides that the real One comes after the Anti'Christ takes over the earth leading to the battle of Armageddon after Satan's mark "666-man,man,man is imposed on all people whether are "Atheists", or religious, or of faith, or not.

THIS KNOWLEDGE IS IMPORTANT FOR THOSE THAT WON'T ASCEND AND WILL BE STILL ON EARTH DURING THE ANTICHRIST, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT TRULY LOVE AND TRUST THEIR SAVIOR WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS, MINDS AND SOULS, (the only way to get the empowerment to ascend, salvation empowerment which is put inside your soul and you will feel it when is put. Is called "salvation" and it changes you as you have never been, becoming sanctified with Messi'Yah's righteousness being imputed on you and with a divine peace into your heart that will pass all understandings, and many will believe you are a fool, because even if you were to loose everything except the clothes that you have on you, you still are left with a divine peace in your heart and over your face, even in the moment of death.

If you do not have the "empowerment to ascend", pray for understanding, and for to receive total trust and love toward your Divine Maker YHVH EL of IsraEL and of IshmaEL, and read as many times as it takes, the Bible found even free on the internet read the testimony of the Disciple of Messi'Yah, the Witness Apostle JOHN, and if necessary, even memorize it and you will get the gift , "empowerment to ascend" also called "salvation". Without it, when your soul exit your body, your eternal destiny will be sealed and without the "empowerment to ascend", so you will end descending for judgment and then in the isolation zone of all evil, sin or corruption to prevent you from contaminating Paradise and turn it into another hell since you are not sanctified "holy" through Messi'Yah's holiness to be imputed on only those that repent through "new spiritual birth".

The Christ called "Isa" in the Quran is a slave of Allah "TheDeceiver (HaSatan) and "NEVER HAVE BEEN CRUCIFIED". It means that the Muslim Christ (Messi'Yah) "having never being crucified' points to being the "Anti'Christ" and might appear somewhat like Messi'Yah but YET DECEITFUL AND NOT LIKE MESSI'YAH IN REALITY.

The final message present in the last chapters of the Quran is: "the Non'muslims are worst of all creatures." "Hate them, curse them and subdue them even if you need to practice TAKIA (DECEIT) deceiving with peace until you could take over their countries. Muslims curse all Non'muslims weekly in Mosques hypocritical prayers or through their prayers at home. They take over countries through infiltrating schools, institutes, police, army and government, imposing their "IS ' SLAM ways and laws and conditions in your shools, in your Non'muslim countries, which they deceive practicing "TAKIA" (DECEIT) with "religion of peace" but really meaning for you "the peace of the grave" proven already by turning the majority of Non'muslims into pitiful minorities in their own countries invaded and made Muslims over 50 of them.

You are authorized to use this letter only if you are not against the teaching written in it. Send this letter to many people to empower millions of people with the knowledge shared in this letter. Your faith is proven as valid through deeds since "faith without deeds is dead" is deceit and not faith. While the final message of the Quran is "the Non'muslims are worst of all creatures (meaning worst than rats and maggots), hate, curse and enslave them, ../ The final message of the Bible is "love your enemies and pray for them so they could repent and become saved". The Quran with it's final chapters promotes HATE and should be banned on Atheo'Judeo'Christian countries. Watch "Christian Prince" and David Wood videos on YouTube so that your chidren or relatives and friends could not be easily deceived by Muslims. Please translate (if possible) and spread those videos and THIS LETTER TO MILLIONS in your country and to other countries.

Evelyn Bajas - posted on May 14, 2020 7:17 am


Master Commander - posted on May 18, 2020 4:25 am

In the Bible, one of the biblical prophecies is about the future about Satan Lucifer "Lah" or "a'Lah",, about the last days. It is not about one day since is about "days" written in plural to indicate more than one last day. That means that Satan could come more than one time according to the Biblical prophecy about Satan coming in the last days. And since 1 day is like 1000 years with EL YHVH and 1000 is like 1 day (according to the ancient original scrolls of the Bible present in the museum Library of Vatican, as it is written) and because "time" has no bearing on The EternaL EL YHVH, . . . it means that Satan Lucifer "a'Lah" could come as an angel of light; .. could come every last days, in every interval of 1000 years and deceive many; … enslaving people like "slaves of Allah" and appoint false prophets. During the last day (1000 years) after Messi'Yah ascended back in heaven, just as the Biblical prophecy said that “The Deceiver” Satan Lucifer will come "AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT" (example: as GabriEL Jibriel ) so it did happen.

Lucifer abbreviated "a'Lah" came during one of the last days after Messi'Yah ascended and after Paul died,, he Lucifer "A'Lah" HaSatan during that 1000 years (1 day) almost in the middle of the day (around year 600, Lucifer "A'Lah" Ha'Satan "The'Deceiver"/ "The'Destroyer" , "A Great Deceiver", "The Best of Deceivers" & of trickery, came as “an angel of light” deceiving Moham'mad that he is Jibriel but since he was NOT the true JibriEL (GabriEL) he did not preach the YHVH EL of IshmaEL, of IsraEL and of MichaEL, but rather preached (brought the message) about himself, about "A'Lah" (Lucifer) HaSatan "TheDeceiver / TheDestroyer" "A Great Deceiver", "The Best of Deceivers" deceiving until now almost two billion Muslims, and Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, New Age'ers, children of the mother earth, children of the father air and sky, and many, many other deceitful ways of life and religions that are not from the Holy One YHVH EL of IshmaEL and of the true Jibri'EL. Yes, they are not from the Holy One YHVH EL of the true JibriEL and of MichaEL and of IshmaiEL and of IsraEL so they practice deceit, adultery, idolatry and all kinds of evils through their false religions.

"The Best of Deceivers" and of trickery Ha'Satan Lucifer short said "a'Lah" with his titles recorded also as evidence in the Quran "The Deceiver" , "A Great Deceiver", "The Best of Deceivers" (all of them titles of “deceiver” of Lah HaSatan of the Qur'an deceiving with is' slam) have deceived Muslims from the beginning (just as he declared in his full of deceit unholy Quran).

The truth is that Lah deceived "The Muslims to believe in him in al'Lah when he acted as if he is GabriEL Jibriel but / yet did not preach YHVH EL since he was not the true JibriEL, so did not declared the word of EL, no, since he rather declared about himself about "a'Lah" written in English by Muslims "Allah", CREATING HIS OWN BOOK and so far deceived with that book called Qur’an (Koran), a great multitude of people (the Muslims) just as the BIBLICAL PROPHECY SAID (more than 500 years before Moham'mad) THAT HE WOULD. Lucifer (abbreviated "a'Lah") DECEIVED A GREAT MULTITUDE APPEARING AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. He deceived them by creating "is' slam", slam against the human race,

(YES IT IS SLAM AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE) … race which HaSatan Lah hates and have hated it from the beginning when he saw that Yahveh (YHVH), Yah'Shua (Yahveh'Savior) loved His new created creatures (the human race).

HaSatan Lucifer (abbreviated Lah) was jealous (envious) and objected (protested) to YHVH that humans are very weak and more imperfect than the races of angels therefore they should not be loved by YHVH (Yah’veh) (YHVH should not be a father to humans.) But YHVH EL did not care about what "a'Lah" (Lucifer) said with envy. Because of that, Lucifer "a'Lah" HaSatan rebelled.

So in his Qur'an that he made later more that 500 years after the crucifixion, he says about himself that Allah is a father of (or to) no one. He said so out of envy (jealousy) because Yahveh (YHVH) EL insisted that EL have created Adam and Eve as being children to EL even though later, the offspring of Adam and Eve's abandoned EL YHVH to become slaves to sin and to the father of sins the creature Lah HaSatan; so people willingly makes themselves "slaves of Allah" and being slaves they will descend in hell but that is because they remain cursed because trusting Deceivers such as "The Best of Deceivers" and as long as they follow such deceivers who deceive them saying "you go to heavens of Allah" when in reality is nothing but the hell about which the Bible warned from long before the invention by Lucifer Satan Allah of his Qur'an.

Cursing Satan has no power over Satan Allah, and that is why Allah deceived Muslims (being a great deceiver) to curse Satan (him AllahHaSatan) (to break the commandment of Messi'Yah who said DO NOT CURSE). Allah deceived Muslims to curse him under his other title "Satan" because the curses are in vain anyway, without any power but curses turns against Muslims themselves because are in the Bible put against them by Messi'Yah who said to not curse but your words should be yes and not (but no cursing). Cursing is from the devil Satan Allah "The Deceiver" as a deceit to make people to sin much more by cursing.
Anyway Allah said in his quran that he wants people to sin because if they do not sin, he will destroy them (self'contradicting with his own different parts of the quran.

Cursing the true believers which are of The EternaL Word Yah'Shua (Messi'Yah) , your cursing against them has no power over them either because they are under the "Almighty protection of The EternaL Word (Messi'Yah) of YHVH EL of IsraEL who is NOT the limited creature physical body Allah. The cursing of other pagans like cursing other Muslims from other sects or other Non'muslims which are pagans, has some power but only some (not much,) but at the same time the curses comes back against you and your family like a boomerang because that is how The Divine Creator (The Unlimited Power of the Universe) YHVH EL, that is how he has established and said "DO NOT CURSE".

Not all Christians are true Christians. In fact very many Christians are "Christians only by title by words but not by deeds, and that is why Messi'Yah calls such people "YOU HYPOCRITES". Such are called "hypocrites" to say that are false believers, are apostates, are pretenders but not true in faith, not true in love toward the YHVH EL of IsmaEL and EL's Word Messi'Yah.

The hypocrites Christians have been deceived to believe that telling some one "fool" which is fool, (so they speak the truth) but they have been deceived to believe that calling someone "fool" is cursing. Even if you make a mistake and is not true "fool" is still not cursing but is a sin because if you call someone some thing he is not, (that means you deceive) and according not to SatanAllah but to The Holy True Creator YHVH EL speaking deceit is SIN.

iF YOU ARE A TRUE FOLLOWER OF THE TRUE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE YHVH EL, THEN YOU DO NOT SIN INTENTIONALLY, willingly, knowingly anymore, NO, NOT ANY MORE because if you do, it is only a proof that you are "a deceiver" "slave of The Deceiver Lah (Allah), is just like you a slave.

The only truly perfect being is YHVH EL manifested as Yahveh, written also YHVH and as Yah'shua written also YHVH"Savior (Yahveh'Savior) and as Holy Spirit. Spirit is Energy. Pure is Holy. YHVH EL Is Self Aware Super Intelligent Unlimited Energy in the Universe and beyond the universe, – Self Aware Super Intelligent Pure Almighty "All Powerful" Unlimited Energy that could take any shape proper to take and EL did take shape of a human as well as a bush or tree in fire.

Because EL YHVH is "The Almighty" no one can tell EL what can do take or not do AS A SHAPE FORM temporarily because permanently EL YHVH is SPIRIT (is ENERGY Unlimited, Intelligent and Self Aware). That is what YHVH EL is. Is “One Entity” yet manifested in different ways beyond time and space, outside the Universe and inside, everywhere is proper, holy and good to be, where EL decides. You can NOT tell YHVH EL what EL can and cannot do (without using logic) because you are just a creature imperfect and unholy. Who do you think you are? Unless you repent, you will end up in hell. To escape hell start to read The Bible in JOHN.

The best place to start as beginner is in the Bible, the testimony of Witness Disciple Apostle JOHN, read it many times and study it as long as it is necessary to receive in your soul the empowerment to ascend deposited in the soul and when it happens you will feel it and you will be totally changed as a new person and Messi'Yah will appear to you in one way or another. But you should remember than a truly changed person is only a person that remains loyal to YHVH EL until death and beyond. ( Above the line that says: "Add a public comment . . ." above it is the button: "SORT BY" . Press on it, click on it and choose: "Newest First" to search, find and see all my comments in order under my title "Master Commander". )

Todd Petro - posted on May 18, 2020 9:20 pm

Everyone should be ready to go all the way through the tribulations. Three men were cast into the fiery furnace and those who threw them in died. Jesus arrived with them and took them all the way through the fire. A rapture would be nice, but nothing in Scriptures states that will happen. The last trumpet sounds and then we are all changed.

Bhemz Mcgregor - posted on May 21, 2020 2:16 am

rapture is going to happen very soon.

Alma White - posted on May 28, 2020 5:37 pm


CJ DUNROVIN - posted on May 29, 2020 9:18 am

The Jewish temple will not be rebuilt on the Temple Mount. Archeologists have proven that that is not the original site of the original temple ! There are videos on YouTube that go into great depths as to why that is so.

Luz D - posted on May 31, 2020 2:53 pm

AMEN !!! HALLELLUIAH !!! 👏♥️👏👏👏 🙌 🙌

Mercy Lim - posted on June 1, 2020 12:59 am

Amen !

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