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Classic Debate on the Resurrection: John Warwick Montgomery vs John K. Naland (1989) Audio Only

Classic Debate on the Resurrection: John Warwick Montgomery vs John K. Naland (1989) Audio Only

The wonderful Christian apologist John Warwick Montgomery arguments John K. Naland worrying the complying with concern: Did the Resurrection Really Happen? This dispute occurred on the John Ankerberg Show in1989 This recording was moved from an old cassette tape. Thus, the jeopardized audio top quality ought to not be shocking. KEEP IN MIND: No copyright violation meant. I share this program under the Fair Use Clause for academic objectives just. As much as I recognize, this program is not offered up for sale on sound or video clip through the John Ankerberg site. I discovered the composed records, yet that is it. Since I have this dispute on cassette, I wished to publish it on my network so others can hear it. If this develops problems with John Ankerberg Ministries, please allow me recognize as well as I will certainly eliminate this video clip. Follow this web link for even more products from John Ankerberg:
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David Bell - posted on February 6, 2020 12:10 am

Proof isn’t necessary for faith. We have faith in facts, even when facts are revised and updated.
Faith is a fact. But faith is a belief system that doesn’t need proving. We are the provers by how we live.
The resurrection of Christ is beautiful. It’s metaphysical and mystical. I too want to resurrect in my Day.
Faith isn’t about facts, and facts aren’t eternal. Science ideas are always changing as it is reveled to us.
Radio waves aways existed from the beginning of time. We discovered radio waves when it was meet and proper for them to be reveled to us. They always were there all the time.


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