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Christian gives ONE answer that closes pro-choicer’s mouth

RayComfort tests a pro-choicer’s ideas and also makes use of the delicate subject of abortion as a springboard to share the scripture. Watch the main trailer to our brand-new pro-life movie right here: Visit https://www.LivingWaters com to see even…

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Professing “Christian” Refuted On Abortion

This is mind-blowing. Apologia Church has a ministry that saves kids and also uses fostering. Zach Conover hung around questioning with a professing Christian that came near us to test our job beyond PlannedParenthood We have actually conserved countless kids…

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Planned Parenthood Supporter vs. Christian

This is real video footage beyond Planned Parenthood in Tempe,Arizona On the general public pathway, Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Radio and also TELEVISION, talked with a Planned Parenthood advocate. There was additionally a movie staff existing shooting a docudrama on…

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